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Subtitle  The arrival of the Year of the Snake, Mac Cosmetics Canada must have a new look at the still indulge in the autumn and winter is relatively heavy makeup what? Early spring arrival of your makeup style will make changes accordingly. Kevin teacher recommended the current beauty Q & A beauty editors bring you Luck makeup, based on a constellation of 12 different personalities to create together to learn it.
Aries this year, the most suitable earth tones make-up of a little boy wind, can make your female friends or male friends for good karma! The key is that the natural partial crude little boy wind eyebrows, earth color eye shadow to depict the shape of the eyes Biying Finally, cheap mac cosmetics rub on a natural nude color lip gloss!
Year is the Taurus to enhance their capabilities, charging, intellectual, law-abiding, makeup is best for you! Serious distributed charm will attract the attention of the male boss. Wild earth colors of eye shadow, lip gloss natural not artificial colors, and finally then thick mascara brush out the intellectual cleverness eyes!
Gemini lucky,  cheap mac cosmetics or hair, is very suitable to try new changes! Try new style of dressing, the challenges of the new things that will bring you good luck. Filled with glossy gorgeous faction especially makeup super fit, wholesale mac cosmetics looking finish with pearl light perception and eye makeup is the key, with particular emphasis on the T-site with the C word parts of the eye lit!
Compared to mature women trying to play a little confused you more attractive! People around you will be attracted by your outspoken personality. At this time color cute pink, the circular painting the blush is absolutely critical, with no obvious natural eyebrow angle, creating looks soft and lovely overall impression!
Chances this year there will be the honored person to help you achieve your dreams and aspirations,cheap mac cosmetics wholesale to show the unique personality you achieve your dreams, cool handsome personality makeup most others the impression that you can deepen, small smoky eye makeup, painting on black eyeliner, remember should depict the eyeliner, and then with nude lips, personality index and lucky index will break the table!
This CAREER good! Success,wholesale mac cosmetics have affirmed the work! Build personal charm lies disseminated on the quality of light perception, clean look, his face can not see too much color, full transparent moist feeling looking finish, wholesale mac cosmetics long eyeliner, the stud is clearly not tangled eyelashes is to enhance fortune key!
Year is a key year of life will have a significant change, courage to face all kinds of challenges is the key! At this time most need to help you to create a cheerful impression like vitamin-like color full of vitality! Healthy, lively orange tone blush and lip gloss,cheap mac makeup wholesale, eye liner after one-third can be painted mint green eyeliner, giving a good impression is full of young, active and progressive!
Show women unique charm, the Scorpio 2013 Kaiyun key! Trick charming eyes, seductive lips Eyeliner outlines the charming eyeliner, slightly glossy red lips, the significant increase in absolute charm, each expression to attract male attention!
Change your life around, interpersonal relationships will produce this year, the most important change is encountered to help their elegant, clean, intellectual image of the makeup is the key to win good karma! Micro matte chiffon muscle natural good color, slightly revealing peach color blush, painting on coffee, pink eye shadow, a combination of temperament and yet sweet, mac cosmetics outelt also can help you provoke a good peach!
To create Bailitouhong Baby muscle, is the biggest key to summon lucky you! Have Baby like skin, of course, regular lifestyle with the actual maintenance program is of course essential, part of the makeup, eye, lip, cheek to create a tender pink baby pure sense!
This year is the Aquarius love op surged, the key lies in the showdown with the "eyes"! Depict the outline of the eyes, brown eye shadow, rather than worry about the brush out tangled embarrassing eyelashes, better to wear false eyelashes for a natural and unforced, cheap mac makeup wholesale outlet online, so the line of sight of the men unconsciously concentrated in your charming eyes, this time looking finish can choose natural Cream polish effect, very easy to create a good color for mac cosmetics wholesale.
This year Pisces suited to show their unique charm of the original, mac cosmetics canada online, makeup absolutely avoid too many colors and thick black eyeliner, it will not cover the Pisces original sweet and innocent in favor of soft brown eyeliner, wholesale mac makeup base without too The powder covered only need to cover mention dazzling week it is God good color, and then a little pink Hydra Gloss point.